What Size Truck You Need for Your Move

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Moving is hard for everyone, whether you are leaving a shared property and want to take everything that you own, or are about to downsize into a flat and can only take a few essential items, it is important that you know exactly what type of moving truck you need to do the job.

Asking advice from expert removalists in Narellan like Campbelltown Removals can let you get the right track for the job.

Multi-bedroom house

If you are moving all of your belongings from a three-bedroom house into another house with the same number of bedrooms or more, then you will need the largest type of van possible.

We recommend the moving van known as the 3T, which can hold around 1200 kilograms, has a hydraulic lift, and support frames that will allow you to tie down all of your important furniture.

First move

If you are about to begin your first move, and want something that will hold all of your precious items in, including bedroom furniture and your big mattress, then a high roof van will be the perfect place to start.

High roofs can accommodate not only mattresses, but folding beds and other tall pieces of furniture that would otherwise not fit into a standard moving van.

Single tray cab

When you are moving into a shared house, you will only want to take the essentials. While this can include some large items of furniture, it is unlikely that you will need more than a tray cab, which has collapsible sides which will allow you to load and unload easily.

Campbelltown Removals can assist you with this type of moving equipment.

Distance to be moved

The further your goods need to be transported, the greater the cost. Longer trips will require two drivers, as well as obviously take longer and require more fuel than a local move. Unfortunately, this is a cost variable that’s difficult to reduce: some removalists will offer a discount on interstate moves, and it’s always worth asking for a FREE quote to make sure you get the best price.

Moving away from home

When you are first moving out of your parents’ home, you won’t want to carry anything too big. This is a brand-new experience, and so it makes sense to just take some small items to your new home.

This might include books, computers and clothing. A small delivery van will be perfect for this type of removal job.

Getting the best out of your moving day

Whether you are looking for help with a serious move to a larger property, or you just need help moving a few objects into your new home, Campbelltown Removals are here to help.

To reach out to our professional removalists in Narellan, you can contact us online or call 02-9605-9853 today.

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