Questions To Ask Before Hiring A Removalist

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Removals and storage can be a complicated business. With the average household having several expensive & delicate items, packing and transporting them safely can be a worry. Not only that, but sentimental items are often worth much more than money. With even short-haul moves in Australia often translating into hundreds of kilometres, this all adds to the equation.

For these reasons, you’ll want to know your moving company can cope. Since we are the expert removalists Narellan people come to, we know what questions you should be asking.

Moving Basics

It might seem obvious, but the first thing you’ll want to ask is what kind of experience the removalist has. You may have unique items, like an antique wardrobe, a piano, or maybe a work of art. If so, you should ask specifically whether your removals company has moved that kind of thing before and how they would do so. You’ll be able to tell from their response whether they’re the removalists for you or if you need to look elsewhere.

Another critical question is to find out exactly what the quote covers. Moving indeed involves a lot of physical materials and non-physical things, such as insurance. Packing is a great example! There are many types of packing materials and just as many packing techniques. Some people choose to pack up themselves, while others opt for professional help.

Pre-packing is a service offered by many reputable removalists. This type of service should appear in the quote, as should details of any financial cover. Some companies mention things like insurance but don’t make clear that they charge extra for it. An excellent way to make sure you don’t miss anything is to write out a checklist and ask precisely what the quote includes.

Check Their Services

If you’re looking to move house or even store some furniture you no longer have room for, it’s always best to discuss what the removalist company can help you with. Not all removalists can accommodate for everything so it is always best to figure out which services you would require and what each of them includes. Here are just a few to get you thinking:

Further Questions

As experienced removalists Narellan customers rely on, we recommend always asking more detailed questions. A good removalist won’t shirk away from answering questions about transit time, for instance. They should have a plan in place to cope with any expected roadworks or other disruption during your move. They will have a detailed knowledge of their fleet of vehicles, as well as the road network along the journey.

Getting into this level of detail allows you to ask what you should be doing to help. A lot of the time, this means doing nothing. However, before the move itself, there could be many ways you could help. Disposing of any dangerous goods is one such way. Removalists won’t work in an environment where there is a dangerous good present.

Another beneficial action is to make sure there’s enough parking space for your removalist. Ask how big the truck will be, and whether there are likely to be other access issues.

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