Secure Storage Solutions

Campbelltown Removals & Storage are specialists in storing household furniture and effects. We take pride in being able to care for our clients belongings whilst they wait for their new home to become available. We have one of the easiest and most secure storage solutions available for you to store your belongings.

Containerised Storage Campbelltowncontainer storage facilities Campbelltown

The majority of goods we store are containerised storage units. This has many advantages over other forms of storage facilities such as storing in warehouses and using self storage facilities. Storing in containers eliminates the need to unload into a warehouse or self storage unit. We own all of our own containers. All containers are purchased brand new and are setup specifically for the storage of furniture. All containers and contents are regularly inspected to ensure all contents are kept dry and clean.

Our clients furniture and effects are loaded into the container they are to be stored in at their residence. This allows the goods to stay wrapped in our thick furniture blankets and fabric items are kept stored in their plastic covers to keep them well protected. Only one consignment is stored per container and our clients only pay for the volume used, not the entire container.

There is no unloading into a warehouse where goods are stored without protection and generally with other customers goods. Not only can this increase the chances of goods being mixed up but the unloading and reloading required increases both the chance of items getting damaged and due to extra resources required, the removal price and handling fees can dramatically increase.

Secure Storage Facilities

We built our own purpose built removal and storage facility in 2009. It is designed to store our customers goods for short or long periods using containerised and module forms. Inside we store over 100 houseloads of furniture and effects at any one time. These are kept very secure by back to base burglar alarms and security fencing & lighting. We have annual electrical, plumbing, roofing and pest inspections. The premises are individually alarmed and is audited twice a year to comply with our Government contract.

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Module Storage Facilities

We also offer module storage space for our clients who require their goods to be stored long term. We regard this period to be a minimum of 12 months. Our modules are treated timber crates that are stored inside our warehouses. Once again, these goods stay protected and in their own module(s).

Security is a very important part of protecting our clients possessions and we take many precautions to ensure goods stay safe. All containers are stored with the doors of the container stacked against the doors of another container. Our properties have security fencing, security lighting and monitored back to base alarm systems.

These are ideal if you’re looking for long term storage as the minimum term is a year. These take the form of wooden crates and again are stored securely and have round the clock surveillance; the additional layer of protection you have here is that the door to open the container is wedged against the back of another contain so that nobody is able to get in and steal your items. 

Storage Insurance

We offer insurance on stored furniture and effects to give that extra peace of mind. Our insurance covers many risks including flooding and cyclone.

There are a range of reasons why people need storage in Campbelltown. First and foremost they can be the perfect place for storing your personal possessions if you’re moving from one house to another of maybe if you want to declutter the garage or a few rooms in the house whilst it’s undergoing some renovation. Also if you have any items of value both financially and sentimentally it can sometimes be worth storing these in a self-storage units. This is because they give you the perfect balance of safety, protection and security. Nearly all storage providers will have round the clock CCTV coverage of every single container and storage unit so that you have the peace of mind that your items are safe. Get in touch with us today to find out more about our storage solutions.