When is the best time to move to a new house?

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Moving takes a lot of planning, and it’s natural to be overwhelmed by all the logistics that need to be taken care of. While the number one concern for most people is the cost of moving, you might be surprised to know the other big question people often have is when to move? There are more things to consider in your timing decisions that you might think. Here’s some information so you can make the best choices in your moving decisions.

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 Time of the day

If you’re an early riser, you’ll like those moving companies are quite happy to get going early too. The morning is perfect as its cooler for the workers, and of course, everyone has more energy in the morning than later in the day, so the more you can get moved in the morning the quicker movers can get a move done.

If you’re timing it to drive to the new location, it’s also a great idea to beat the morning traffic and get into your new residence ahead of the moving van so you can have some time to do some cleaning or organising in preparation for the moving van. 

What day of the week is better?

The majority of people book removalists for Fridays and Saturdays given that most people are free from work and school commitments, however, it’s also peak timing for removalists with bookings.

Opting for a midweek move has more benefits you might want to consider such as:

  • More chance of getting your required dates for a mid-week move than a weekend move
  • You may get a discounted price midweek or extra men on the job to make the job quicker if it’s a slow week and few bookings mid-week are confirmed
  • Friday moves can be more complicated when it comes to transferring money. Banks will often have a 3 pm deadline for bank transfers so if you’re still trying to deal with moving money to solicitors, banks and real estate agents, mid-week can give you a few days breathing space
  • You may experience some urgent maintenance issues that require a plumber or electrician that you’ll find hard to get on the weekend at short notice for a reasonable price. Moving mid-week will give you time to assess the property’s damages and give your real-estate agent notice and time to get urgent things fixed

What month and season of the year is better?

While Spring used to be the most significant selling period of the year, if you talk to most real estate agents, they’ll tell you it now varies depending on the time of the year and geographic areas. What is clear is that most people like to get into a new home a few weeks before Christmas or a few weeks after to start the New Year fresh.  Many people also wait to the end of their lease to move, so the end and beginning of the month are also popular peak times for moving. Therefore, to (once again) avoid higher demand for moving services, the middle of the month is the best time to move to a new house. Given that our winters are relatively mild in Australia unless you live in the snowy mountains, winter can also be an ideal to move as its not peak times and not hot which can make moving easier.

Whatever your timing, the Cambeltown Removals team wants to take the hassle out of moving and strive to make your move as smooth as possible.

We can provide a wide range of removal services for residential and commercial clients. From furniture removals to interstate moves, storage and packing. We can service areas from the East Coast from New South Wales to Queensland and Victoria. Get in touch with us today so we can book in your move!