Ideas To Recycle Unwanted Furniture

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Over the course of your life, you are going to go through your fair share of furniture in all of the different homes that you inhabit. Whether you are getting rid of something that you have had for years, or you have moved into a new property where your existing furniture just doesn’t work, there are plenty of things that you can do to get rid of the furniture that doesn’t involve throwing it away. 

Here at Campbell Town Removals we can undertake unwanted furniture removals, but you should consider other options first – after all, we’re all trying to be more conscious of the throwaway society we live in. Here are some great ideas for how to recycle unwanted furniture.


Rather than throwing it away to become landfill, try to seek out a place where you can donate the furniture instead. It might be a charity shop or a social organisation. That way, you can have the satisfaction that your old pieces are going to go to another home and be used, rather than just being torn apart and completely ruined.


Have you considered the idea of upcycling? If you want a new chair in a different colour, then what about reupholstering the chair that you have rather than throwing it out and buying a new one? Maybe a lick of paint will make you love a piece with plenty of life left in it. Upcycling takes a little more time and skill than other options, but it can be really rewarding and can also save you money! There’s plenty of inspiration to be found online – particularly on Pinterest.


The great thing about a lot of furniture is the fact that it can often be repurposed to serve your home in a different way. For example, an old door could be reinvented as a vintage headboard for your bed, and old trunks could be fashioned into things like bedside tables and coffee tables. Not only are you saving furniture from the dump, but you are also giving your home and vintage, retro feel that is very on trend right now.

If you think that you are going to be in need of a furniture removals service in the near future, then please don’t hesitate to get in touch with us. A member of the team will always be on hand to take down your details and organise a date. We aim to complete all of our jobs in a thorough and timely manner so we can get rid of your unwanted stuff as soon as possible.