How To Pack Clothes For Moving

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Here at Campbelltown Removals and Storage, we understand that the process of moving house can be overwhelming, which is why we’re here to help. In this step-by-step guide, we share some of our top tips for packing your clothes, as well as the eventual unpacking of them, to help everything run smoothly.

Table of Contents

1. Clear out your wardrobe

Clearing out your wardrobe is an essential first step and prevents you from packing up and transporting clothes you don’t actually want anymore. Clothes that you no longer wish to keep but are still in good condition can be donated to charity.

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2. Clean your clothing

Deep cleaning and thoroughly dry your clothing before packing it up. This will ensure that your clothing stays fresh during transport. Once you arrive at your new home, you can also hang your clothes up outside to air them out.

3. Divide your clothing into categories

One of the simplest ways to organise your packing is to divide your clothes into different categories. The way that you categorise your clothes can vary, for example, you can either categorise your clothes by season, function, size or material depending on which you prefer.

4. Choose appropriate moving boxes for your clothes

Nowadays, there are moving boxes available that are specifically designed for packing clothes, so we’d advise investing in some of these. If not, try to avoid simply piling your clothes into plastic bags as they’re likely to get all tangled up, making them much harder to unpack when you arrive in your new home. Try to keep all your clothes on their hangers too, as this will save you a lot of time and hassle.

5. Vacuum seal or tightly roll your clothing

Nobody wants to unpack wrinkly clothes at the other end of their move, which is why we strongly recommend that you tightly roll or vacuum seal your clothes when packing. Not only do these options help to maximise space when you’re packing, making the load seem less overwhelming, but your clothes will be significantly less wrinkled when you come to unpack them.

6. Label everything

Labelling is a packing essential. It is the best way to identify all of your items at the other end. Make sure that each category and sub-category that you divided your clothes into is labelled correctly so you can easily track down your belongings. You may want to label each person’s clothes separately too.

7. Packing your shoes separately

Shoes should not be packed together in with your clothes, instead, they need an entirely separate box. We would encourage you to stuff some of your shoes with paper so that they don’t lose their shape during the move. The best way to position them is heel to toe inside boxes to maximise the space.

8. Load the moving truck properly

The final step is ensuring that you load the moving truck correctly. This means that you load all of your highest priority items, such as your clothes, onto the moving truck last. This is so you can easily access the items you need the most first, helping to make that unpacking process easier.

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