A Removalists Guide To Downsizing

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Downsizing used to mean moving to a smaller property but at some point unknown it entered the 21st century zeitgeist to also mean consciously decluttering by shedding unwanted or unnecessary possessions to lead a simpler or more minimalist lifestyle; so much so that decluttering has made a global internet star of Marie Kondo. 

How to declutter and downsize your home

Whether you are downsizing to move to a smaller home or as a lifestyle choice there are principles that apply across the board. Courtesy of Campbelltown Removals, your local removalist in Narellan, here is a brief guide to downsizing:

  1. Make time

  2. Make a list of must-have items

  3. Tackle it room by room

  4. Aim to declutter

  5. Sort it, sell it, dump it

Make time

Downsizing/decluttering should be a conscious exercise that is planned. Doing it piecemeal as and when or doing it in a rush right before moving is not the best way to get a good result. It can be an emotional task so give yourself time to make decisions.

Make a list of must-have items

If you like to be ultra-organised, make use of your list-making talent. Draw up lists of what you want to throw away and what you want to sell.

Tackle it room by room

Working through each room gives the exercise structure rather than you flitting around the whole house dealing with any object here and there. The result will be far more cohesive and you’ll have a much better picture of your belongings doing it this way. 

Sort it, sell it, dump it

When you have made the decision you don’t want or need something, you need to decide what its fate will be. Does it still have good purpose that someone will appreciate or is it only fit for the rubbish? Because you have followed this guide and planned the exercise you should have time to sell stuff that has some value. 

This is a time to be ruthless. That wall of DVDs may look impressive but when was the last time you watched one? All your photographs … will they be better in albums rather than their packets stuffed in boxes? 

If this is a downsizing exercise to declutter, you might also consider different solutions. For example, do you have piles of “stuff” that can be digitised. 

If you are moving and have earmarked piles of stuff to sell or dump, do so before moving. There really is little point in transporting the items to your new home. (You would be surprised how many people take boxes with them that remain unopened for a good few years after they move.)

Do you need a removalist in Narellan to assist with your downsizing? We can move you to your smaller new home, offer you storage for your belongings, or even take away a few belongings. Contact Campbelltown Removals for a free home survey or a free online quote.