3 Tips For Antique Furniture Removal

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Moving home can be a stressful process. Ensuring all your goods—especially antique furniture—is transported safely is of the upmost importance. That’s why our team at Campbelltown Removals are experts in moving delicate, fragile, bulky or otherwise furniture. Check out our blog post below to see our 3 tips for antique furniture removals.

Furniture Removal Tips


Moving delicate and antique furniture is never a task that should be completed on impulse. Beforehand, create a list that outlines every piece of antique furniture you possess, as well as any specific requirements. By providing this list to us, we can determine how many removalists are required and scope out the logistics behind the move. Antiques are often heavy—pianos, tables, etc.—so it’s important to have a spotter who can navigate the removalists and point out potentially tight and awkward routes.


Before moving antique furniture, ensure all loose objects are removed or secured. Items containing glass should be covered with pillows or moving blankets to protect them, as well as minimise the effects of vibrations. At Campbelltown Removals, we wrap all antique furniture with soft packaging paper first, followed by plastic wrap. After this, we wrap it with thick, heavy-duty moving blankets. And finally, if it’s required, we suggest placing the antique in either a wooden crate or thick cardboard box.


In order to transport antique goods safely and ergonomically, we suggest using a moving dolly. Dragging antiques can cause damage, whereas as lifting it can potentially cause physical harm. Ensure the antique is roped down effectively to ensure a stable surface. At Campbelltown Removals, we have all the equipment you need to safely transport your antique furniture. Doing it yourself can be a daunting and potentially harmful exercise. When in doubt, leave it to the professionals. 

Furniture removals is an overwhelming task. Moving day requires a lot of strategic planning and initiative in order to make it a successful and stress-free day. So when it comes to moving antique furniture, special consideration needs to be taken. Whether you have an antique chair, table, cupboard, piano or otherwise, our expert removalists at Campbelltown Removals have the packaging materials and equipment to transport it safely and effectively. Antiques are an investment, so invest in the team who take special care when it comes to antique furniture.